About Us

City Park Food & Beverage Services is a wholesale supplier of a variety of products. Our specialty includes: beer, wine, spirits, snack foods, and bottled water. CPF&B is a full service food and beverage distributor capable of providing retailers access to over 15,000 different products. This allows us the ability to service anyone at any given time. It's important to us to ensure we can deliver any particular item that a customer might be looking for. our product list is not limited to food and beverage. We are also capable of providing bath and body products, workwear apparel, signage and other miscellaneous items.

CFP&B is a Colorado company with facilities located in the Denver Metro area. As an approved DBE and ACDBE (Airport Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), City Park Food and Beverage is focused on obtaining products and providing customized delivery services. It is our vision to help facilitate an increase in the volume of local product sales by increasing national and international product exposure, while also having a direct economic impact on the local economy.

Our Process


City Park Food and Beverage collaborates with companies involved in high volume and high visibility product marketing and sales. The correlation between heightened security, decreased airline pricing, and the increase in airline travel has not only raised the product demand at DIA but has also created predictability in the volume of product utilized by the DIA consumer. This consistency in volume allows manufactures and producers to establish high volume wholesale pricing, making the distribution of their product more consistent and profitable. We work to coordinate product placement and ensure each order is successfully handled through each step of the distribution process.


City Park Food and Beverage utilizes a document managing software and state of the art tracking technology to effectively manage inventory, product sales, and payments. CFP&B employs the same tactics in order to schedule, track, and confirm product delivery as well. Our technology is key to maintaining minimal inventory while managing product sales and delivery. Our convenient location helps to ensure timely, accurate, and on-demand deliveries. We have the unique ability to supply our retailers within thirty minutes time for situations that call for quick action.


City Park Food and Beverage contracts with companies involved in high volume marketing and sales to DIA and consumers (passengers and employees). With respect to passengers, Denver International Airport (DIA) is the 5th-busiest airport in the United States and the 11th-busiest in the world. In 2012, DIA average more than 1700 flights daily and served a total of 53.2 million passengers. In January 2013, there were 2,020,121 enplanements at DIA generating a total of $13,832,349.79 in gross food and alcohol revenue ($6.85 per passenger). In addition, there are 30,000 employees working at DIA daily. We work to provide our retailers and concessionaires with the highest quality products available at the best possible price.

Our Companies

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Colored Red

Colored Red is our local Company supplying the Denver & Rocky Mountain area with delicious, high quality nuts, snacks and bottled water. The name Colored Red is an English interpretation of the Spanish word Colorado. Our brand is focused on the development and distribution of quality local products. So whether you're looking for a tasty snack to have on hand or quality purified water to quench your thirst, Colored Red has you covered. You can rest assured that you're receiving the highest quality, best tasting local product.


Lave is a local bath and body company that incorporates all natural products crafted from the highest quality and, whenever possible, organically grown ingredients.Our products include virgin olive oil and pure aroma therapy-grade essential oils. Lave's packaging is renewable, and our products are cruelty free. Lave believe that you shouldn't have to go to the spa in order to receive spa treatment. Treat yourself to Lave.

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